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Low Cost Air Conditioner Installation Service

Iconic Electrical & Data specialise in affordable air conditioning installation in Brisbane homes and businesses. We can pass the savings onto you with our bulk purchasing power and offer you the best quality Air Conditioners at very affordable prices.

Every one of our installations is well planned, taking into consideration the size, shape and layout of your space and any additional features you may like, such as wifi access.

Air Conditioning is a necessity with the Brisbane climate and the perfect cooling solution for the following spaces:

  • Living Rooms
  • A Dining Room
  • The Kitchen
  • Lounge
  • Bedrooms
  • Study
  • Commercial Offices

We only recommend brands that have stood the test of time, are low maintenance, have excellent customer feedback and are backed by solid warranties.

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Benefits of Split System Air Conditioning

A split system air conditioner is a popular choice for Brisbane homeowners and businesses due to their many advantages, for example;


  • No Noise – the newer models are so quiet you can barely hear them.
  • Climate Control – you can customise the comfort control settings so your aircon will automatically adjust to your preferred temperature without you having to do anything and without overworking the system, keeping your energy consumption down.
  • Clean Air – Your breathing air from the air conditioning system that has gone through a purification process.
  • They make great heaters – Split system air conditioners come with reverse cycle capabilities, which means you can use them to heat your space in winter which is far more energy-efficient than running a heater.
  • Affordability – With so much competition out there, air conditioning has become quite affordable. Add our buying power and the right air conditioning system soon pays for itself.
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Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Explained

A reverse cycle air conditioning system gives you the best of both worlds where you can cool a room in summer and use it as a heater in winter.

The reverse cycle technical process is where hot air within a room is drawn into the outside compressor unit where a fan blows air over a special coil filled with refrigerant liquid which helps remove the hot air, transferring it outside and pumping the remaining cold air back inside. The exact same process is used to heat a room only in reverse, hence the term reverse cycle air conditioning.

An additional benefit of reverse cycle air conditioning is that it allows you to close the windows and prevent the dust and debris you would normally get by having security and fly screens open. This is a huge benefit for people suffering from health problems including allergies and asthma.

Air Conditioning Unit Room Size Guide

An aircon unit that is too small won’t cool the room, will be overworked and expensive to run. Likewise, a unit that is too big will be overkill as the setup and running costs versus the energy savings won’t be the best solution for you.

Our qualified technicians are always the best people to discuss air conditioner sizes with, but we’ve put together an initial high-level guide below you can safely work with :

  • Room Size: 10-20m2 = a 2.6kW unit
  • Room Size: 20-30m2 = a 3.5kW unit
  • Room Size: 30-50m2 = a 5-6kW unit
  • Room Size: 50-70m2 = a 7-8kW unit


AC Running Costs

If you wanted to understand how much an air conditioner costs to run, it depends on a number of factors but a typical reverse cycle air-con system for cooling a smaller room costs approximately $0.25-$0.35 per hour.

A medium-sized room of around 36 m2 (the size of a typical two-car garage in Brisbane) would cost $$0.36 – $0.70 per hour.

With the larger areas of 50m2 and above it will cost between $0.70 and $0.95 per hour.

For heating purposes, you can budget between $0.13 – $0.36 per hour which is much cheaper than your average heater.


Aircon Energy Saving Tips

21 Degrees in Summer

For maximum efficiency and lower electricity bills, keep your air conditioner setting around 21 Degrees Celcius in summer

Close Doors & Windows

Closing windows and doors prevents your air conditioner from overworking to keep your room at the required temperature


25 Degrees in Winter

In winter, the most efficient setting for your unit is under 25 Degrees Celcius or under.

Use the Shade

Close curtains, blinds and any external awnings to help keep the hot sun out of your room

Clean Often

Regular cleaning will prolong the life of your system and help keep your electricity bills down

Turn off at Night

To save money, try turning your A/C off at night and only using it during the day.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your air conditioner is an important factor for lower electricity bills and it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

You can perform the basic maintenance yourself such as cleaning the main filters at the front of the unit at least every three months and ensuring there is no build-up of dirt and rubbish around the outside unit.

At least every 12 months it’s wise to have an expert come and check the system and give it a professional clean.

Here at Iconic Electrical & Data Pty Ltd, we have our own expert air conditioning maintenance service that will keep your system running like brand new for years to come. For more information, call our office on 07 3060 5556 today


air conditioning maintenance service

Air Conditioning Installers You Can Rely On

When we install air conditioning for our customers we make sure we understand your needs well in advance so we can supply the very best options for your space.

We come out and visit your property to accurately access:

  • The room size
  • Number of people using the room
  • Best positioning of the internal unit
  • The best position for the external unit
  • Recommended BTU (British Thermal Unit) Capacity to work out the KW power output based on the size of the room
  • We also want to ensure the unit is visually appealing inside and out.


Once you have chosen from our recommendations, we do all the rest, including sourcing the very best price from our major suppliers and arranging the best day and time to complete the install. Rest assured, we are qualified installers and our work is always of the highest standard and strictly aligned with Queensland regulations as well as our best practice guarantee which includes:


Only the highest quality and air conditioner parts and wiring is used
Checking your air conditioning unit is fully functional and has no faults or damage
The system is fixed to the interior and exterior walls safely and securely
Your air-con unit is positioned and orientated correctly for optimal performance
The right type of system and features are included to suit both your room space and personal requirements
A compliance certificate is issued to you on completion
The warranty from the manufacturer is in place and remains valid
Energy efficiency considerations are applied to all recommended solutions

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