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Electrical Emergencies

If you have an electrical emergency and would like an experienced emergency electrician to come out to diagnose and fix the problem, call Iconic Electrical & Data.

We have successfully fixed electrical faults and hazards in residential and commercial properties for the past 25 years.

We use the latest technology in testing equipment to find the source of the problem and carry most of the equipment we need to have you up and running in no time.

Weekend or After Hours Electrician?

Storms, accidents, faults and electrical emergencies can happen at the most inconvenient of times.

You don’t need to feel helpless on the weekend or after-hours as we are available to help, 24 hours, seven days a week.

We are also local to the southside of Brisbane and near all connecting motorways allowing us to respond quickly and get to your location within an hour.

If you operate a business or site that requires electrical work completed outside of working hours, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

How We Can Help

We respond to a wide variety of emergency call-outs to both homes and businesses. Some of the more common tasks we perform are:

  • Fixing damaged and exposed wiring
  • Identifying and fixing electrical faults
  • Restoring mains power to properties
  • Providing help when power companies won’t
  • Repairing damage to electrical circuits
  • Stopping sparks from lighting and equipment
  • Resolving overloaded switchboards
  • Repairs to faulty fuse boxes and power outlets
  • Diagnosing the cause of electrical smells
  • Finding faults in machinery and equipment
  • Repairs to telecommunications and network cabling
  • Fixing CCTV, security and smoke alarms

When To Call An Emergency Electrician?

Although there are times when an emergency electrician isn’t required as the situation is minor, serious emergencies can be life-threatening and need resolving quickly. Always call us first, describe what’s happening, and we will let you know of any precautions you should take and whether it is safe enough to wait to the morning or it needs to be dealt with immediately.

The best time to call an emergency electrician is anytime. Electricity is a necessity in our lives but also extremely dangerous in an emergency. 

 If you can smell an unusual electrical or metallic burning smell, can see flickering or sparking from lighting, power outlets or can hear crackling, exploding sounds or feel as though you have live wiring exposed, then call.

Unattended electrical emergencies can cause fires and end lives.

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If Power Goes Out At Home

Storms and accidents are frequent causes of power loss to properties in Brisbane. If your power goes off in a storm and you are comfortable with checking the switchboard and turning the trip switch back on, you can firstly try that.

If that fails, call your electricity provider, who will confirm the power outage in your area and when it’s likely to be restored.

If the power goes out when you turn on an appliance or equipment, it’s safe to unplug it, turn the switch back on at your switchboard, and your power should be back on. You can then call us in the morning to check everything over.

Electrical Switchboard
Iconic Emergency Electrical Services

Power Outages At Your Business

Commercial properties are usually a little more complex than residential properties, but the same applies.

If you can find the switchboard, it’s worth trying the switch to restore the power.

Even if it does come back on, it’s best practice to have us come out and run a few tests to ensure everything is ok to avoid it happening again.

We usually find in our testing ways the business owner can improve on their energy consumption and save on electricity bills.

Breakdowns and undiagnosed problems can cost a business time and money, so don’t wait for it to happen again before calling our team.

Dealing With An Electrical Emergency


If a person has suffered electrocution, you must not touch them as they may still be connected to live electricity. Immediately turn off the power and call 000.

Downed Power Lines

If there are fallen powerlines, or the electricity supply to your property is severed, call 000. Stay away and keep others from the area.

Exposed Wiring

When faced with exposed wiring from an accident at your property, you must immediately turn the power off at the switchboard then call us for help.

Questions and Answers

What is the difference between after hours and emergencies?

Whilst they are usually associated with the same meaning, an emergency electrician is experienced with and ready to respond to fixing electrical emergencies when they occur. You can book an after-hours electrician in advance to do controlled work at sites such as office buildings, hospitals, and industrial sites that operate after hours and 24/7.

What costs are involved?

When you get an emergency electrician to come to your property, they will need some time to diagnose and fix the problem. This situation doesn’t make it easy to give an accurate cost over the phone in advance. If they understand what work and materials are required, it’s easier to provide an estimate. Should you wish to get a rough idea of costs beforehand, it’s best to call with as much detail as you can.

Can emergency electricians fix both commercial and residential emergencies?

The difference between residential and commercial electricians is skillset and experience. Whilst many companies can do both, there are equally as many who can’t. If you own a commercial or industrial business, ask about their experience with commercial electrical emergencies. If they have experience, they are likely to do your job quickly and efficiently, saving you time and costs.

How can I choose the best emergency electrician for my job?

Although an emergency needs rectification immediately, it still makes sense to do a few simple background checks, which you can do on their website or Facebook page. looking for information such as:

After-hours availability
Locations covered
Emergency experience
Reviews about emergency work

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