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Reliable Emergency Electricians

If you need an emergency electrician to help with an electrical emergency, call Iconic Electrical & Data.

We have been fixing electrical hazards and diagnosing faults within residential and commercial properties for the past 25 years.

We have all the tools we need to fix mosts emergencies, so any delay or disruptions would be minimal.

Weekends and After Hours

Storms, accidents, faults and electrical emergencies can happen at the most inconvenient times.

You don’t need to feel helpless on the weekend or after-hours as we can assist 24/7.

If you operate a business that requires electrical work completed outside of standard working hours, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Our Support

  • Fixing damaged and exposed wiring
  • Identifying and fixing electrical faults
  • Restoring mains power to properties
  • Providing help when power companies won’t
  • Repairing damage to electrical circuits
  • Repair sparking lights and equipment
  • Fixing overloaded switchboards
  • Repairs to faulty fuse boxes and power outlets
  • Identifying the cause of electrical smells
  • Repairs to telecommunications and network cabling
  • Fixing CCTV, security and smoke alarms

When To Call

Electrical emergencies such as exposed wiring can be life-threatening and need resolving quickly. 

Other things like sparking appliances may not be as urgent as they can be unplugged and dealt with in the morning. If you are unsure, get in touch, and we will assess the situation and advise on the initial precautions to take.

Electrical hazards can also potentially cause a fatal fire. If you noticean unusual burning smell, see sparks, or hear crackling sounds, then call. The best time to call an emergency electrician is anytime. 

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When the Power Goes Off at Home

If your power goes off and you are comfortable checking the switchboard, you can first look for any switches that have turned off and try turning them back on.

If that fails, call your electricity provider to confirm any local power outages and the estimated time it will be back on.

If you lose power when you turn on an appliance, unplug it, turn the safety switch back on at your switchboard, and if your power comes on, you have the culprit. If you have any doubts, call us.

Electrical Switchboard
Iconic Emergency Electrical Services

Power Outages at Your Business

Commercial properties are a little more complex, but the same initial process you would take with residential properties mentioned above applies.

Due to the nature of commercial building wiring and the complexity of their circuits, it’s a good idea to have us come out and run a few tests.

Breakdowns and undiagnosed problems can cost a business time and money, so don’t wait for it to happen again before getting it checked out.

Dealing With Emergencies


If a person has suffered electrocution, you must not touch them as they may still be connected to live electricity. Immediately turn off the power and call 000.

Downed Power Lines

If there are fallen powerlines, or the electricity supply to your property is severed, call 000. Stay away and keep others from the area.

Exposed Wiring

When faced with exposed wiring from an accident at your property, you must immediately turn the power off at the switchboard then call us for help.

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Do you need help with an electrical emergency or breakdown? Call the reliable experts at Iconic Electrical & Data today.

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