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Iconic Electrical & Data can provide you a professional test and tag Brisbane wide. As electrical safety experts, our service can help your workplace comply with the mandatory Qld Government safety regulations or help keep your residential home safe from faulty electrical equipment and potential electrical dangers.

We are surrounded by electrical equipment and appliances in the workplace and at home, and like any equipment, they can break down for a variety of reasons. But if they have an undiscovered electric fault, it can lead to something more severe like:

  • Electrical Fire – One of the leading causes of death from all property fires in Australia. Electrical fires can cause explosions and environmental hazards and are devastating for business operations and income.
  •  Electric Shock – More than 15 people are killed, and over 300 hospitalised in Australia each year from electric shock in the workplace or home. Injuries can be avoided with a professional test and tag service.
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What is a Test and Tag?

Portable Electrical equipment at a workplace or home could include industrial and commercial machinery, appliances, power tools or even the trusty kettle. Items that are used frequently in various ‘hostile’ commercial environments can become unsafe over time. Hostile, in simple terms, means everyday, regular but heavy use. There are territory and state regulations for commercial operations whereby electrical equipment must be regularly tested and then tagged for its safety and records kept of each inspection to meet the Australian standard AS/NZS 3760: 2010.

A Test and Tag involves having a professional technician inspect your equipment in two parts:

  1. A visual inspection of the equipment for any signs of damage to the supply cord, plugs, guards, covers and insulation.
  2. An electrical test is performed on the equipment to test for polarity, insulation, leakage and earth resistance.

Types of Portable Equipment Tested

Any moveable appliances within a workplace with a plug less that are less than two and a half meters from the floor, for example:

 Computers – Monitors – Laptops – Photocopiers – Printers – Fax Machines – Electric Power Tools – Extension cords & IEC Leads – Desktop lamps – Portable air con units – Staff kitchen & tea room appliances – Transformers – Safety switches (RCD’s) – Cleaning equipment – Powerboards – Any audio equipment – 3 phase equipment

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For Businesses

For business owners operating industrial factories, offices, retail stores, medical buildings or various other commercial operations, the testing and tagging of your critical electrical equipment regularly will:

  • Discover any potential electrical hazards in advance
  • Ensure good practice and the safety of your staff
  • Uphold workplace health and safety compliance such as the AS/NZS 3760 standards
  • Prevent the loss of staff productivity due to equipment failure
  • Reduce future electrical problems

For Home Owners

Residential home test and tagging are good ways to prevent electrical problems in your home and give you peace of mind.

Dirt, food, and damage caused by heavy use can impact your appliances over time, causing dissipation of electricity and potential electric shock to you, your family, or even a fire.

Typical equipment we test in the home is microwaves, ovens, TVs, washing machines, dryers, computers, RCD or safety switches.

Our domestic test and tag service will identify any problem appliances or equipment, enabling you to replace them ahead of time.

Our service is non-invasive and won’t disrupt your business or home life in any way. So if you would like to organise a test and tag in Brisbane or the surrounding areas, or have any questions, please get in touch with us today!

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